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The Boy from Geita



"The Boy From Geita is a harrowing depiction of ignorance and superstition run amok. [...] A deeply moving tale." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"While rife with harrowing moments, [The Boy From Geita] is infused with such generosity of spirit and keen intelligence that the viewer feels truly rewarded." - FILM JOURNAL

"The Boy From Geita is a frightening but tremendously moving documentary that will be hard to shake." - TORONTO FILM SCENE

"Harrowing and poignant... With its searing images, [The Boy from Geita] is both ode to human resilience and ingenuity, and indictment of human cruelty and stupidity." - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

"A superbly crafted motion picture that finally instills in us and its subjects some semblance of hope for the future. [...] I can think of no better reason to praise the art of cinema for allowing such work to live and breathe so that we all can embrace the true joy inherent in humanity." - THE FILM CORNER

"This is one of the most harrowing documentaries released this year. […] Used by the UN to rally support, this film might help." - EYE ON FILM