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Civic Duty (2006)


"Two Thumbs Up" – EBERT & ROEPER

"Jeff Renfroe's film stirs up some timely anxieties, including the War on Terror, racial profiling, and downsizing ..." – NEW YORK MAGAZINE

"One of the year's most surprising achievements ... leads viewers down a uniquely suspenseful path of mental mayhem" – MOVIE JUNGLE

"A deft psychological thriller" – Jack Matthews, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

"Rear Window meets Falling Down" – Dan Dunne, METRO

"Civic Duty is a riveting, psychological thriller" – Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC

"A provocative, unsettling tale about a powerful nation on the defensive" – REEL.COM

"Timely and frightening. Peter Krause delivers a hair-raising performance that you won't soon forget" – ABC RADIO NETWORK

"Like Hitchcock ... A tense thriller and a convincing portrait of our paranoid times" – Mark Holcomb, TIME OUT NEW YORK

"A chilling look at our increasingly paranoid society" – Joy Brown, WOR RADIO

"Civic Duty stands out amid the new wave of terrorism-paranoia thrillers" – Marjorie Baumgarten, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

"A feverish film for our troubled times, this mostly quiet but extremely tense thriller takes on subjects including misplaced patriotism, paranoid delusions, circumstantial evidence, gut feelings, and personal safety, then wraps them all up in a story that makes a plea for tolerance" – Ed Symkus, CAMBRIDGE CHRONICLE

"Jeff Renfroe's timely thriller Civic Duty dives into post-9/11 paranoia with unrestrained zeal and loads of horror film flourishes" – Dann Gire, CHICAGO DAILY HERALD

"A disturbing diary of one man's descent" – Tom Maurstad, DALLAS MORNING NEWS

"A thinking person's thriller ... a fascinating Rorschach test for audiences" – Steve Rhodes, INTERNET REVIEWS