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The Games Maker



"A fine new addition to the library of imaginative children’s film fantasy, The Games Maker is a dark, continually inventive 3D adventure [...]" - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"This high quality entertainment marks a successful venture into English language live action for award-winning Argentine producer and animation director Juan Pablo Buscarini." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Tech work is outstanding on almost all levels, with Dimitri Capuani’s fresh and complex production design taking the lead." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"A beautiful, intelligent and entertaining film; a celebration of imagination and adventure." - TIEMPO ARGENTINO

"The aesthetic of the film is particularly inspired, beautiful [...] There is a great deal of respect for the audience and a huge affection for the genre." - TIEMPO ARGENTINO

"The Games Maker is among the most daring and fascinating films [Argentine] cinema has achieved in the children & young adults genre." - EL LITORAL

"David Mazouz, known for the "Gotham" series, naturally conveys the intelligence, fragility and courage that define the young protagonist." - EL LITORAL

"Visually and technically impeccable." - LA GACETA

"An entertaining film that grabs the viewer and does not let go until the final fade to black." - 24 x SEGUNDO

"Joseph Fiennes [...] embodies one of the most colourful characters of his career." - A SALA LLENA

"David Mazouz carries the film on his shoulders; he knows how to convey vulnerability and strength and it is impossible not to accompany him on his journey." - A SALA LLENA

"The best achievement yet in Buscarini's interesting career." -Amadeo Lukas, Veintitres "A dynamic, colourful roller coaster ride." - CINE Y MEDIOS