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Partition (2007)


“A Stunner, replete with lush, sun-soaked landscapes and highly-choreographed battle scenes.” – Katrina Onstad, CBC

“An engrossing film that’s part history lesson, part ethnic Romeo & Juliet.” – Jennifer McDonnell,

“Sometimes a complicated and important story is best told in a simple manner, like this one.”- John T. D. Keyes

“Will ensnare the imagination of a new generation.” – Henna Singh,

“Outrageously beautiful” – WINNIPEG FREE PRESS

“An epic romance set against some beautiful photography” – THE UNITER

“A lyrical story that takes it’s time in the telling.” – CHRONICLE HERALD

“Acutely relevant.” – THE COAST

“A story that’s rarely told.” – Jay Stone, CANWEST GLOBAL REVIEW

“One of the best movies I have seen in a long time.” – Kate Cursley, A’n’E VIBE

“A superb turn for Mistry… a judicious and understated performance.” – EYE FOR FILM

“Voluptuous.” – MONSTERS & CRITICS

“Gives us a glowing panorama of India in all it’s eye-filling splendour.” - MONSTERS & CRITICS

“Ravishing.” – Namsa Ramachandran, TOTAL FILM (UK)

“Will have you reaching for your tissues.” – THE TIMES (UK)

“Breathless, big-canvassed and scored for big emotions.” – THE FINANCIAL TIMES (UK)

“A pavillion of the heart and senses.” – THE FINANCIAL TIMES (UK)

"Dramatic and moving." - FILM4 (UK)

“Grand and Momentous.” – THE GUARDIAN (UK)

“Terrific performances from Mistry, Kreuk and Campbell.” – VIEW LONDON (UK)

“Sarin’s a star on the rise.” – MEN’S STYLE (Dubai)

“Stunning cinematography… and even a few history lessons thrown in.” – OK! (Dubai)

“A brilliant wartime drama.” – OK! (Dubai)

“Mistry has turned in the role of his career.” – TIME OUT (Dubai)

“A beautifully compelling South Asian Romeo & Juliet.” – WHAT’S ON (Dubai)

“A very beautiful and inspiring movie with an exceptional amount of emotional appeal.” – WHAT’S ON (Dubai)

“This movie will tell you about so many things, about love, about sacrifice, about the true loyalty about family and last about partition itself, a story that needs to be told.” – WHAT’S ON (Dubai)

“A moving and timeless tale” – WHAT’S ON (Dubai)

“A moving and epic story woven into an exotic tapestry” – YOUNG AND TRENDY (Dubai)


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