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Partition (2007)


India, 1947, in the last days of the British Raj, a way of life is coming to an end. Intertwining cultures are forced to separate. As PARTITION divides a nation, two lives are brought together in a profound and sweeping story that reveals the tenderness of the human heart in the most violent of times. 

Gian and Naseem are a latter-day Romeo and Juliet. With the partition of India and Pakistan sparking bloodshed between Sikhs and Muslims, their respective people might be mortal enemies, but Gian and Naseem are determined to follow their hearts. He refuses to abandon his pledge to leave war and its atrocities behind, she can’t forget his courage and kindness in saving her from his countrymen’s swords. As their love flourishes and eventually finds acceptance in Gian’s village, the search for Naseem’s family goes on, and a brief visit to see her family in Pakistan becomes a kind of imprisonment for Naseem, as her brothers and mother remain bitter about their fate at the hands of the Sikhs in Gian’s village and refuse to let her return to India. Gian sets off on a journey across a land whose wounds are still raw, hoping against hope that he can bring home peace and harmony. With its rich tapestry of stories and characters based on real people and events, Partition is a moving and timeless tale of innocent people struggling to find happiness in treacherous times.