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A Shine of Rainbows



"Irresistibly good-natured " – VARIETY

"Superior family fare" – THE TORONTO STAR

"A feel good movie...a heart-tugger" ROGER EBERT

"A wonderful, moving and heartwarming film"ONE MOVIE FIVE REVIEWS

"A touching kids movie with soul"KATHERINE MONK, THE VANCOUVER SUN

"A Shine of Rainbows is a hit"– LIZ BRAUN, TORONTO SUN

"Fine performances from Connie Nielsen, Aidan Quinn and, as young Tomas, newcomer John Bell, who bears a strong resemblance to the Macaulay Culkin of "Home Alone." –VARIETY

"Perfect family fare... a treat for moviegoers" – FILMTHRILL.CA

"Full-scale charm... broadly appealing... suprising complexity of emotion" THE TORONTO STAR

"With its power-of-love formula and faint hint of magic realism, "Rainbows" could shine anyplace.’ – VARIETY

“A must-see.” – TIME OUT CHICAGO

All the ingredients of magical family fare.” – THE GLOBE AND MAIL

"Director Vic Sarin ably frames his cast against that gorgeous coastline, and draws solid performances from Nielsen as the big-hearted wife and Quinn as her dour husband —while young Bell’s open, expressive face is a heart-tugger” – THE PROVINCE

"Stunning coastal vistas, poetic twilights, and inspirational light…Sarin’s cinematography unites in harmony with this extraordinary cast." – NORTHERN STARS

"A Shine Of Rainbows should not be missed, and it heralds the depth in cinematic experiences available." – NORTHERN STARS

"Vic Sarin has crafted an inspiring and uplifting tale, highlighted by wonderful
performances from Nielsen, Quinn and newcomer Bell and outstanding
cinematography capturing the panoramic beauty of the rugged Irish coast. "

"A stunningly rendered Irish tale ... Sure to warm the hearts, bring tears to the eyes and put a smile on the face of all who watch it." – VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

"Gorgeous island cinematography ... Truly heartbreaking ... A thoughtful family film that doesn't cop out on harsh realities, giving a little something to old and young viewers alike." – EXCLAIM

“The film was beautiful in every single way. Of course, it made a lot of kids want to go to Ireland and see the seals. But I think the real reason kids love this film is because it’s amovie about changing hearts.” – WILLIS WEINSTEIN, CICFF CHILDREN’S JURY

“The gorgeous Irish coast serves as a backdrop to skilled director Vic Sarin’s latest cinematic endeavour” – VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL


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