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A Winter Princess


The day before she's supposed to leave her ski resort job and go back home to Europe, Carly gets a compelling offer: a chance to organize the Snow Ball, the resort's biggest annual event. With permission from her overbearing father, Carly agrees to stay, but not before someone else is hired to help... her boss's own brother, Jesse. Beyond trying to get the Snow Ball organized and learning to work with Jesse, Carly has a secret she's trying desperately to keep... that she's a princess, from the tiny European nation of Landora. More than anything, Carly wants to achieve something without the help of her royal lineage. But keeping her secret becomes even harder when her brother makes a surprise visit, bringing along his charming friend, a prince for whom Carly’s always had a special fondness. But as her bond with Jesse gets stronger and Carly's family tensions take a turn, Carly begins to wonder about her future... and whether she EVER wants to return to Landora.