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Untitled Cruise Ship MOW


Miri, a pretty dance instructor who’s more of a homebody, begrudgingly agrees to sub in on a cruise ship to help her sister out, even though she’d prefer to stay at home. Miri’s first student on the ship is Clint, an outgoing bachelor who’s on the way with his family to his sister’s wedding in the Bahamas.

Opposites don’t attract at first, and Miri begins to think she made the wrong choice in going on this trip. Things go from bad to worse when Miri is paired with Clint on a day trip, and the two unlikely passengers get left behind. They’re forced to work together to get to the next port and catch the ship again.

As their journey brings unexpected challenges, Miri has to embrace a side of herself she’s never really known before, and vice versa for Clint. By the time they get back on the cruise, Miri not only has embraced her adventurous side, she may have also found the love of her life.