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Cry From The Sea


CRY FROM THE SEA is a story about finding the way back from tragedy. About redemption and acceptance and recovery. About moving out of the darkness and into the light.

In the aftermath of World War One and the Irish Civil War, Seamus Óg Mac Grianna leads a solitary life, tending to a lighthouse on a picturesque island off Ireland's coast, whose rocky, sea-battered shores mirror the turmoil inside him. Each morning, Seamus rows out to the spot where his son drowned a decade earlier and visits a graveyard next to the lighthouse. Each night he drinks alone in the pub. His only company is Maire, a spinster who sees to his every need and quietly longs for him.

But Seamus is forced out of his routine of isolation when he finds himself at war with the island's new priest, who insists Seamus's late wife should be buried in the consecrated ground of the church cemetery, rather than a private plot next to the lighthouse. As Seamus struggles against pressure from the villagers, he finds an unexpected ally in Edith, a visiting American war widow whose husband died in the very wreck Seamus's son was searching for when he drowned.

Edith and Seamus bond over their shared grief, much to Maire's displeasure. As this complicated new relationship gives rise to forgotten feelings and the priest's efforts to reinter his wife push him to a breaking point, Seamus must choose between the comfortable sadness of his existing life and the risks that come with openness, hope and change.