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Luke Hunter is a small-town teenager who splits his time between his cynical "druggie" friends (including his childhood best friend Fang and his nemesis Dwight) and his new friend Stan, a popular scholar-athlete with a passion for life and a girlfriend - Faith - that every boy in town wants.

One day, during a pot-smoking session, Luke has a premonition that Stan will be struck by a car and killed. Everyone laughs it off - until the next morning, when Stan dies exactly as Luke predicted, down to the car's license plate number. Dwight sells a video of Luke's premonition to a local news station and his friends line up to be interviewed. Luke is dubbed "The Prophet of Death" by a local reporter who harasses him daily.

Meanwhile, Luke continues to foresee the deaths of people around him - first a convenience store clerk, then his neighbour Mr. Bernoffski. Luke lashes out at the world and gets suspended from school, but also strengthens his bond with Faith: he's clearly falling for her, which adds intense guilt to his swirling mix of emotions. Then Luke sees one more premonition: the death of his best friend - Fang.

To save his friend, Luke must reject the darkness that surrounds him and become a force for good.